Relocation With Children in Michigan

Our world today is highly mobile. In order to succeed in business or settle down in life with a new partner, you may need to move to a new city or state. However, moving more than 100 miles away when you have children with another individual can be challenging, as you must first seek the other parent's permission or the court's approval before you can relocate with your children, or change your children's domicile.

Lawyer Helping You Change Your Custody Agreement

Stacy L. Van Dyken has more than 10 years of experience representing clients in family law disputes in and out of court. When you are seeking relocation with your children in Michigan or out-of-state, contact Stacy L. Van Dyken online or call her at (616) 776-3902.  Stacy will meet with you at her downtown Grand Rapids office and will explain the legal steps necessary for you to take before you move.

Seeking Court Approval for Parental Relocation with Children

When two parents cannot agree on custody and parenting time arrangement, the parent wanting to relocate with their children will need to go to court. While it is possible for you to handle your relocation request alone, it is advisable that you seek out an attorney knowledgeable in change of domicile (or relocation with children) cases.

As a skilled attorney, Stacy has extensive experience representing clients in evidentiary hearings related to relocation with children requests. Stacy knows what research must be done and what evidence must be presented to the court in order to fully represent your interests. Stacy understands what judges look for in regard to the best interests of the children standard. Do not go into these hearings unprepared and alone. Instead, contact Stacy L. Van Dyken to learn how she can help you.

Addressing All Aspects of the Parenting Time Agreement

The biggest disagreement that comes out of a relocation request deals with the interruption of parenting time given to the non-custodial parent. Stacy works to ensure that all parenting time concerns are fully addressed in the evidentiary hearing, including holidays and transportation obligations.

I Am Here to Help You with Your Relocation Request

Whether your children's other parent disagrees with your requested move completely or with just a change in schools, you will have to go court to obtain permission to relocate with your child. Let Stacy help you fully prepare for this hearing to give you the best opportunity to get the court's approval.

Contact Stacy L. Van Dyken today to schedule your consultation. I have a convenient office location in downtown Grand Rapids and offer a flexible schedule to better meet your needs.



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