Complex Financial Issues

For families with significant assets and property holdings, divorce creates complicated financial issues. You need a family law attorney who is familiar with how Michigan divorce laws will affect you and your family's assets. Stacy regularly represents clients in divorce proceedings involving family-owned businesses, family partnerships, significant real estate, substantial retirement benefits, investment portfolios, and established estate plans.

Complex Financial Issues in Divorce

Stacy will work with you to valuate assets and develop fair and equitable distribution agreements. Her goal is to see that you receive your fair share of the assets, while at the same time being mindful of devaluation and the tax implications of proposed divisions.

In addition, Stacy has established relationships with West Michigan professionals who provide beneficial services in these complex divorces, such as accountants, appraisers, business valuation experts, tax planners, and financial planners. She employs a team approach to ensure that you are being treated fairly and making wise financial decisions.

She regularly assists family law clients with financial matters, including:

  • Asset Valuation
  • Valuation of Professional Licenses / Practices
  • Ownership and Contractual Issues
  • Family-Owned Businesses
  • Valuation of Stock Options
  • Valuation of Retirement Benefits, Including Pensions & 401(k)s, 403(b)s, etc.
  • Business Valuation
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Tax Implications

Many clients who receive money or property from a divorce have never dealt with a substantial amount of money or property before. Stacy, along with CPAs, financial planners, and tax consultants, gives her clients the tools that they need to deal with their newfound wealth.

If you have questions about how your divorce will impact you or your family's estate, contact Stacy L. Van Dyken to schedule an appointment.



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