Working with experienced prenuptial agreement attorneys from the outset can prevent bitter disputes and unfair treatment down the road.

Michigan Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer

If you are entering into a prenuptial agreement, both parties to the agreement should have their  own prenuptial lawyer. Each party having a separate prenuptial lawyer is the best way to ensure a fair and clear prenuptial contract. Stacy regularly designs, drafts, reviews, and establishes prenuptial agreements for couples about to be married. Regardless of whether you need the agreement to protect yourself, or your fiancé is requesting that you enter into the agreement, Stacy can help. She will design a prenuptial agreement that protects your interests, operates within the law, and is legally enforceable.


If you are facing divorce, and your spouse challenges the validity, applicability, or legality of your prenuptial agreement, you need an experienced prenuptial attorney to help you enforce the terms of your agreement under existing Michigan prenuptial laws. Whether resolved through negotiation or litigation, Stacy will work diligently to support and enforce the prenuptial terms that you need to protect your assets.

Defeat of Unfair Terms

Unfortunately many people, usually women, enter into prenuptial agreements without the advice of a lawyer, assuming that the agreement will never be enforced. If one party in any bargain has superior resources and negotiating strength, then this party will usually take advantage of the other party. If you entered into a prenuptial agreement that contains unfair and unconscionable terms and/or you did not understand or fully agree to the terms, Stacy can help you defeat the unfair terms of the agreement and the entire prenuptial agreement.

Stacy advises and represents clients in the establishment, enforcement, and defeat of postnuptial agreements.

Whether you seek to develop, enforce, or defeat a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, Stacy has the knowledge and experience with every aspect of Michigan prenuptial law to go to work for you. Contact Stacy L. Van Dyken to schedule an appointment for more information.



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