Non-Divorce Services

Domestic Violence

As part of her family law practice, and sometimes in conjunction with divorce proceedings, Stacy has experience establishing and defeating orders for protection (PPO) in domestic situations involving violence or threats of violence. Protecting the safety and rights of all parties in a dispute is a chief concern for Stacy. If a protective order is necessary, Stacy will assist in the establishment of the order. If a protective order is being unfairly sought out of malice, Stacy will work vigorously to defeat the order. She takes matters of domestic violence very seriously, and she will do everything that she can in order to protect your rights and your safety.

Juvenile Delinquency & Juvenile Proceedings

Stacy's juvenile law practice involves representing minors in misdemeanor delinquency proceedings. She also represents parents and minors in cases involving termination of parental rights. Whether faced with criminal delinquency charges or caught in the middle of a bitter custody dispute, minor children have rights and interests, and Stacy is well qualified to help protect their rights and interests and advocate for their interests.


Stacy's adoption practice focuses on stepparent and in-family adoption. Frequently, when one parent is not involved in a child's life, and the parent who is involved gets married or remarried, then it is generally in the best interest of everyone concerned for the stepparent to execute an adoption. Adoption gives the stepparent certain legal rights and responsibilities over the child, especially in the event of the death of the biological parent. Stacy also works with grandparents seeking to adopt grandchildren, because parents are unfit to care for the children, or the parents become incarcerated, and the grandparents do not want the children placed in foster care.

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